Finch Holes: Poetry


Know that music notes

are pinned to clotheslines

that we also call pages.

Because who knows if

what the guitarist holds is a guitar

or a woman turned wooden.

Some might call its strings stitches.

Photo by Ben Raynal

One Response to Band

  1. Ceylinnaz September 8, 2015 at 8:58 am #

    First day of school shppiong in Princeton. On Nassau Street. Every year we went to the same shoe store and bought a particular brand ( name of which escapes me ) because my pediatrician grandfather convinced my mother that kids had to have good quality shoes or else our feet wouldn’t develop properly. Is that why I have great arches? The same salesman waited in us every year. It was consistency. Like the eye doctor, the dentist, our pediatrician. For a Spanish of about five years which seemed like a lifetime. Guess it was like a lifetime; from the ages 5 to 10, it was half a lifetime. The routine and structure of those yearly rituals are the basis for my New Jersey nostalgia. The shoe salesman was just as important to my well being as my doctor. I remember the former’s face so vividly. All he did was put me in a new pair of shoes every year, yet I will never forget him.

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