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Featured Poet George Drew

For this month’s Poetry Feature, we bring you four poems by George Drew, a poet who, like his colorful background (born in Mississippi, raised both there and in New York State) resounds with an enviable range, energy, and lyrically narrative intensity.

“It Wasn’t a Waltz and it Wasn’t a Tango” is a fantastic blend of familial tension and dark humor. Likewise, “Funk” is a poem that seems to draw its energy off balancing opposites—in this case, aggression with bemusement—the end product being as much a focused character study as it is a broader act of social commentary.

“Glen Allen’s Legacy” is notable not just for its energetic spacing, but for what it wisely leaves out of the story. As any good writer knows, what you don’t say is just as important as what you say. Finally, “Flipping Off the Muse” is a sultry, rip-roaring piece that praises the poetry of others while still firmly establishing its own voice—something else that fine writers like George Drew seem able to do with an ease that leaves me jealous, sure, but also entertained and very, very grateful.



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