Finch Holes: Mixed Media

I Met the Walrus

Artist’s Statement: “I Met The Walrus” Parts 1 and 2 were produced for the Museum of Liverpool as visual accompaniments for a “lost” interview between John Lennon and journalist Ken Seymour. Part 1 contains excerpts of the interview itself, accompanied by images that give visual counterpoints from Lennon and Ono’s now legendary 1969 Montreal “Bed In.” In Part 2 Seymour discusses how he was able to get individual access to the reclusive Beatle, and how what was supposed to be a five minute radio interview (which was subsequently aired) stretched into an hour-long conversation that revealed Lennon’s more personal thoughts about art and politics. Both video pieces were produced by 55 degrees.

I Met the Walrus Part 1

I Met the Walrus Part 2

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