Superunknown: Stories About Songs
Alibi Bar, 1968

Alibi Bar, 1968


Creative Nonfiction by Linda Buckmaster. Part of our “Superunknown: Stories About Songs” series

Mixed Media
COSMIC MEMORY by Peter Johnston (film) and Cindy Hunter Morgan (poetry) | Atticus Review

Cosmic Memory 1


A videopoem by Peter Johnston (film) and Cindy Hunter Morgan (poetry)

pscyhoanaLITical-FEATUREpsychoanaLITical: MUTUAL FEELINGS by Boo Trundle

Mutual Feelings


In which Boo Trundle talks about notions of “the poet” as archetype. Also about feelings. “Emotional resonance.” Seagulls.

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FERAL TOWN by Adam Gustavson

FERAL TOWN by Adam Gustavson: Ludwig