When I said that 2015 would be the Year of #IndieLit, I said it with bravado and a sense that, if I Field of Dreamsed it, it would happen. After saying it I, of course, immediately went into something akin to panic mode, trying to figure out how I could do my part to make it so.

Book reviews, obviously. But not just a few books reviews. No, I decided that Atticus Review would be (one of) the places to go for book reviews in 2015 and beyond. So far, we’ve published as many as we did from January through August last year and we are not stopping. As I began to reach out to more writers and more presses—both about doing reviews and getting copies of books for review—I set a goal for myself: 100 Book Reviews.

In 2015, I want to publish a total of 100 book reviews here at AR. In doing so, I want to publish writers from all stripes and a wide variety of presses. Do I think the number is high? Yes. Do I think it’s possible? Yes.

With this package, we’ll have published 21 reviews. In the next nine months, then, we need another 79. That equals out to around 9 reviews per month.

Not too hard, right?

We’ve got 81 books available currently for review. If you have experience reviewing, get in on this. Help AR hit 100 reviews in 2015. Help put indie lit on the map.

Actually, no.

Help indie lit redraw the map.