He’s sitting in this diner booth
wearing the same pair of jeans,
the same flannel over shirt
he’s had on all week.
He’s sitting here, telling us
how he bought a frozen pizza
at the store last night.
This was something he’d never
done before, never cooked
a frozen pizza by himself.
But last night he was excited
about it, he tells us.
Thought of the sticky cheese
on the drive home,
thought of something warm
in his hands. So, he’s in
the kitchen, he says, ripping
into the packaging,
and he’s ready to cook the thing.
But he realizes he doesn’t know
how to turn on the oven.
Stares at it for twenty minutes,
he tells us. Then he thinks
to call his brother,
who’s been single
for years. So his brother,
Jon, he comes over.
They figure the oven out.
After, they eat the pizza
on paper plates.
It was just as good
as he expected,
he tells us.
Every damn bite
was good.


Photo By: Prince Roy