Possibly sugar maple—

this whirligig, samara, seed bearing

bundle that sends

DNA from the tree

out in the world to grow again.

Green loaded weight-

bearing on one end, split to show

an escape’s in progress.


Its other end’s a wing, flat

bottom, curved top,

in shades of tan, an edge

chartreuse or lime, depending on the light.


How one flies, descends, like

a fallen leaf, an object beautifully lean.

When today’s walk brings you

out past the tall prairie grass,


and bedstraw, bloodroot—where hardwoods

send a trill of notes liquid

as rain from a singer hidden, you wonder,

can it be warbler, oriole?


You must listen beyond

yourself, become part sylvan, verdant,

breathing, swaying, being.



Photo By: John J.Ingles-Le Nobel