Drawing by Djuna Barnes, originally published in the New York Morning Telegraph Sunday Magazine, accompanying her article, “How the Villagers Amuse Themselves.” The original story reads in part:

“With manicure set in his hip pocket and his nails shining like a Venetian tumbler from much surreptitious buffing on his moist palm, the villager walks across the tiled floor of the cafe. From his shoulders hangs a long Mephistophelian cape; this he unclasps slowly with long, white, convalescent hands. The cape slips backā€”ah, dear Lord, what have we done to receive so much beauty per flash! On his gaunt form is naught but a leopard skin, a little talcum, a string of beads, a garter of winking, seductive sapphires. A dawn of myrrh, a dusk of Hindu-colored grease-paint.”

Date: 26 November 1916

Source: Poe’s Mother: Selected Drawings of Djuna Barnes, ed. Douglas Messerli (ISBN 1-55713-143-0), p. 101