(The concept, in case you don’t want to watch the video, is that Pride And Prejudice, in any form—book, movie, radio play, bastardized down market comedy adaptation—has saved my life a few times over. Which makes it a Life Raft Book. But you should watch the video.)

Probably I’m ashamed of my Life Raft book and the fact that I need one in the first place. And my Life Raft book is a literary bodice-ripper, so mainstream now that it could easily be a mug or a tee shirt rather than a novel. AND my fellow P&P Life Rafters make stupid online comments under the movie clips.

Standing in the rain a metaphor for emotional cleansing . . .

Which isn’t even that stupid.

How about this?

I love how he keeps looking at her lips just itching to kiss them…. or Aries/Libra chemistry, honestleeey … or Damn, Darcy back at it again with your selfish disdain for the feelings of others.

Everything we know, we know through love. Is that right?

His eyes, good lord, I love his eyes so much…

My purpose on earth is to help in the project of UNDERSTANDING FEELINGS. What are they anyway? Are they aliens? Are we infected? I’m a scientist in the word lab. My address is: Pretty Baby Life Raft, The Sea.

On another Life Raft channel, you will find Tom Hanks, the actor. He plays a castaway whose only friend is a volleyball named Wilson. The Tom Hanks character is finally on his way to getting rescued, and Wilson falls off the raft. The man and the ball will never see each other again. The Tom Hanks character loves the volleyball. Deeply. Is that dumb?

If I think something is stupid that probably means I’m not allowing a truth about myself to BE. The truth is the gift, but I’m turning up my nose at it.

Hmmm. The truth about myself is that I’m a female worm on a life raft. (It happened to me!) Clever worms play the piano, sing, and speak French. We become governess worms. Nanny worms. The cost of keeping a worm? It’s high, my friends. Darcy* can pay it. “The last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.”

It’s hard work not being dead, and dead isn’t even a real thing. (Prove that it is.)

Wilson is too far away from the life raft. The Tom Hanks character can’t make it swimming. He has to let Wilson go. Tom Hanks only survives because of LOVE. Brother worm!

Oh Loooord his lips and his eyes. When this part came up my heart just stopped.

Gods, are you trying to tell me something? Gods, I am sleeping. Gods, I have tied myself to the raft.

can you swim

*Darcy is the name of the PREMIUM love interest in Pride and Prejudice but you really should know that already.