Here’s the latest from Atticus Review author alumni.

Vestal Review

Issue 54 of Vestal Review, the flash fiction magazine that Mark Budman co-edits, is out and available to view here. It’s their 19th year! Follow Mark here.

As seen on Atticus: “For the Birds” 

Brett Ortler

Brett Ortler’s first poetry book, Lessons of the Dead, was just published by Fomite Press. Read more about Brett here and follow him here.

As seen on Atticus: “What the Dead Tell Us About a Chicken with Its Head Cut Off

E.B. Schnepp

E.B. Schnepp has work forthcoming in the following places: “Jamais Vu” in Landlocked, “Jargon” and “Yolk is only of value if you are hungry” in McNeese Spring 2019, “You’re not supposed to pet the dogs of Chernobyl” in Glass, and “Deus Ex Machina” in Yemassee 2018. Find E.B.’s work in Cosmonauts Avenue  (“A prayer between mother and the moon”),  The Rubbertop Review 2018 (“Cannon-Shot Stars), The Laurel Review 2018  (“Pseudocyesis” & “Harbinger; Augury; Oracle; Omen”), and The Evansville Review Spring 2018 (“Cootie Catcher”). Follow E.B. here and read more here.

As seen on Atticus: “Bone-Terrarium