Here’s the latest from Atticus Review author alumni.

Jad Josey has a recent story at Pidgeonholes, titled “Every Tiny Collision.” He also has work forthcoming at Little Fiction, Hypertrophic Lit, and Passages North. Find out more about Jad here.

As seen on Atticus: “That Water Lives So Far

Lillian Ann Slugocki

Lillian Ann Slugocki, Project Editor of Angel’s Flight * literary west, a Los Angeles based lit mag, co-produced with Michele Raphael (Founder), the first AFLW’s East Coast Salon at KGB Lit Bar in New York City. Writers included: Jennifer Baker, Tobias Carroll, Ysabel Y. Gonzalez, Marnie Goodfriend, Alison Kinney, and Michael J Seidlinger. Find out more about Lillian here.

As seen on Atticus: “Five Cantos in Late September

Lana Spendl has poems forthcoming in the Summer/Fall 2018 issue of Notre Dame Review, in issue 25 of New Ohio Review, and in the 2019 issue of Moon City Review. Her personal essay, “No Firm Ground,” is forthcoming this fall in War, Literature & the Arts, and her short story, “On the Dalmatian Coast,” will be reprinted this fall in the anthology Everywhere Stories III from Press 53.

As seen on Atticus: “Down into Sarajevo

Tara Isabel Zambrano

Tara Isabel Zambrano has stories published in SLICE, Okay Donkey, Pidgeonholes, and has work upcoming in Triquarterly, PANK, Squalorly, Gone Lawn and others.

As seen on Atticus: “Snowstorm