Here’s the latest from Atticus Review author alumni.

Gwen Goodkin’s story “Come, Disastrous Water/ Rise O Deadly Sea” was featured in Columbia Journal’s Womxn’s History Month Special Issue. Learn more about Gwen here.

As seen on Atticus: “How to Hold It All In

Mia Herman

Mia Herman’s poem “What do you say” was included in the January 2020 issue of Literary Mama. She also has a creative nonfiction piece titled “Wings” in the current issue of Potomac Review.

As seen on Atticus: “How to Explain the Breakup to Your Overbearing Mother

Connie Post

An interview about Connie Post’s new book, Prime Meridian, appears in Up the Staircase Quarterly. Learn more about Connie here.

As seen on Atticus: “What to Say