Atticus Author News – October, 2018


Here’s the latest from Atticus Review author alumni.

Tiny House Magazine has published David Drury’s two-part serial short story “What You Call a Casket I Call a Front Door and a Bed” just in time for Halloween. Hipsters in tiny houses. What could go wrong? Tiny ghosts is what. See the first part of the serial here.

As seen on Atticus: “The Altitude of Sinking Dreams

Alice Kaltman is thrilled to announce that “The Tantalizing Tale of Grace Minnaugh,” a Middle Grade Fantasy Novel, will be published in 2020 by Fitzroy Books—publishers of Kaltman’s recently released novel, “Wavehouse.” Read more about Alice at her website.

As seen on Atticus: “Staggerwing

Connie Post
Connie Post‘s poem “Omen” appeared in “Third Wednesday” Volume No 4. Her poem “How to Sort the Living from the Dead” appears in “Riversedge” Volume 31. Read more about Connie here.

As seen on Atticus: “Infatuation

Tara Isabel Zambrano
Tara Isabel Zambrano‘s stories have been recently published in New Flash Fiction ReviewGone Lawn, and PANK. Read more about Tara here.

As seen on Atticus: “Snowstorm

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