Here’s the latest from Atticus Review author alumni.

Dan Crawley

Dan Crawley had two fiction pieces appear in October: “Ashwagandha” in Jellyfish Review and “Mean and Ugly” in Cowboy Jamboree Magazine. He has a novella-in-flash, Straight Down the Road, forthcoming from Ad Hoc Fiction. Learn more about Dan here.

As seen on Atticus: “Gone Gone Gone

David Crews

David Crews has a new essay, “On Wilderness: Rethinking Climate Crisis,” published at The Hopper and written in fellowship with the nonprofit Northeast Wilderness Trust on the 550-acre Howland Research Forest—located just outside Edinburg, Maine, preserved as forever-wild in 2007 by the Trust, where for over twenty years ecologists from the U.S. Forest Service and the University of Maine-Orono have been accumulating ground-breaking data on carbon storage and sequestration in old-growth forests. Learn more about David here.

As seen on Atticus: “Hike to Bird, Rattlesnake Mountain

George Drew

George Drew’s poem, “Schooled,” published in Atticus, is included on a new CD of music and poetry titled A Triumph of Loneliness, produced by KBW Music. Available at Amazon and CD Baby.

As seen on Atticus: “Schooled

Tom McAllister

Tom McAllister’s essay “1994” appears in Hobart, and his essay “2011” appears in The Fourth River. These pieces are part of a series of short essays you can follow here. Visit Tom’s website to learn more.

As seen on Atticus: “2013

Meg Pillow

Megan Pillow has a photo essay , “The Settle Point,” at Gay Magazine— a Medium publication edited by Roxane Gay. (Note: This essay contains nude photos.) Learn more about Megan here.

As seen on Atticus: “Yell Louder

Cathy Ulrich recently published a collection of short stories, Ghosts of You, with Okay Donkey Press.

As seen on Atticus: “The Spaces Between the Stars