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Daniel Lassell is the recipient of a William J. Maier Writing Award and has been featured recently, or is forthcoming, in Reed Magazine, The Citron Review, Split Lip Magazine, Hawaii Pacific Review, and Agave Magazine, for which he won the 2015 National Poetry Month Haiku Contest. His poems have also been anthologized, most recently in New Poetry from the Midwest 2014. He lives with his wife in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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  1. First day of school shppiong in Princeton. On Nassau Street. Every year we went to the same shoe store and bought a particular brand ( name of which escapes me ) because my pediatrician grandfather convinced my mother that kids had to have good quality shoes or else our feet wouldn’t develop properly. Is that why I have great arches? The same salesman waited in us every year. It was consistency. Like the eye doctor, the dentist, our pediatrician. For a Spanish of about five years which seemed like a lifetime. Guess it was like a lifetime; from the ages 5 to 10, it was half a lifetime. The routine and structure of those yearly rituals are the basis for my New Jersey nostalgia. The shoe salesman was just as important to my well being as my doctor. I remember the former’s face so vividly. All he did was put me in a new pair of shoes every year, yet I will never forget him.

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