Artist’s statement: “Beginning” is part of my video series exploring aspects of the emotional experience of African Americans in time and space. My intent with this piece is to create an impressionistic vision of the freedmen’s waking and journey seeking freedom. Some viewers have commented on the images, music, and movement; others have found personal or social commentary in this video. The source materials for “Beginnings” are in the public domain and have been modified and adapted for this video. The music is my arrangement using Garage Band loops.


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Leslie Brown (Les Bro) was born in Detroit to a family that migrated from the South before World War I. Her parents worked in automobile factories. Leslie currently lives in the Washington DC area. She has worked as a Librarian in public and academic libraries. Her creative work crosses disciplines and includes short videos, short stories, and creative non-fiction that explore the effects of the Great Migration, and the African American experiences of displacement, work, childhood, and loneliness. Leslie has a MFA in Creative Writing from American University and a Master of Library Science degree from Wayne State University. Her work has appeared in Blue Nib, Rigorous, Ragazine, Great Lakes Review, and elsewhere.

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