by | Apr 22, 2014 | Poetry

The answer is
that they recall the swelling
of waves, a phenomenon
that from the higher rocks
seems a rising of the ocean
from underneath, the smooth
unbroken surface forced upwards
to swallow a rock
whole, to erupt in a burst
of foam and sound
without direction.

The answer is
that I swallow constantly
in proximity to them,
that daydreams erase
my momentary vision,
cause me to fall down steps,
hit sharp objects,
that they fascinate me
more than the sea,
that though they do not taste,
I do not tire of believing
that they taste.




Photo By: Tscherno

About The Author

William Dekle

William Rhys Dekle was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up in Register, Georgia. He was educated at Phillips Academy Andover and Yale University. He grew up on a steady diet of confessional and modernist poets; he strives to impart a sense of fleeting intimacy and cold observation into his work. He adores poems that raise questions; and tries to avoid easy answers. His first book of poetry, And Burn Everything As I Go, will soon be published by Three Lakes Press. While writing is a meaningful facet of his life, Rhys holds an M.B.A. in Finance from The Wharton School. He is currently an executive in the video game industry and lives in Redmond, Washington. He has a wife and daughter and is thankful to be alive.