Broccoli Seedlings, Month of Wolf and Snow Moon








These copper seeds swelling with water and warmth.
These small explosions, the heave and shrug through soil,
twisting toward light, as fine-furred roots thrust down
and leaves fan open to heart mouths and tongue-flick
of water. In gray mist, fertile and fecund,
they rise. Fat heads wobble on thin necks, gasp, suck,
cry for rain, heat. What do they know of that place
hinted at through the plastic’s watery gaze?
As February, sunken, chalk-sky season,
crawls the blue-lipped land, they shudder, start, gulp air.


Photo By: Tilly Mint


About Author

Judy Jordan’s first book of poetry, Carolina Ghost Woods, won the 1999 Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets, the 2000 National Book Critics Circle Award, as well as the Utah Book of the Year Award, the OAY Award from the Poetry Council of North Carolina, and the Thomas Wolfe Literary Award. Her second book of poetry, Sixty Cent Coffee and a Quarter to Dance, was published by LSU press. Jordan’s third manuscript, Hunger, which is about the two years she spent in semi-homelessness living in a greenhouse is at LSU press and she just completed a fourth book of poetry. Jordan built her own environmentally friendly house out of cob and earthbag while living in a tent, founded SIPRAW, which rescued dogs out of puppy mills, lives off the grid, is a vegan, and teaches creative writing at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

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