Challenge Me Vista


Composer’s Statement: Challenge Me Vista is in part the proverbial “walk up hill both ways” contrasted with the realities of my own day to days. I wanted to compare the “romanticized past” with a “cynical present” using anecdotal phrasing, and an emotional banter.

Challenge Me Vista the line and the poem is also a genuine plea to the wisdom of our ancestors. When they were paving roads, digging ditches, and hanging power lines, did they know what they were leaving us with? Did they know what their legacy would be? Or were they simply trying to make it through the day, to put food on the table, and sleep in a warm bed?





Photo Source: ThundaFunda


About Author

R.W. Perkins is a poet and filmmaker from Fort Collins, Colorado. His work has been published on the Atticus ReviewMoving Poems, The Denver Egotist, The Connotation Press and The Huffington Post Denver. Perkins’ work has been featured at film festivals all over the world including an 18 state tour with the New Belgium Brewery’s Clips Beer & Film Tour  in 2012 and at the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in Berlin, Germany.  On May 4th 2013 Perkins will direct and curate The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival,  and will be Colorado's first poetry film festival.


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