Channel Swimmer

Channel Swimmer is a short ‘flicker’ film that examines repetitive and ambivalent relationships in matriarchal cycles through the generations from mother to daughter to mother. The film is inspired by two novels – ‘A Proper Marriage’ by Doris Lessing and ‘National Velvet’ by Enid Bagnold, and their main characters. Martha Quest in ‘A Proper Marriage’ is having her own child and questions the relationship between herself and her mother. While Velvet Brown is quietly encouraged by her mother (who is the ‘Channel Swimmer’ of the title – as those who swim the English Channel to France are known) in ‘National Velvet’, the climax of which is when the protagonist wins the famous Grand National steeplechase. The words in the soundtrack are collaged from these two books. The film is made from hundreds of original photographs taken on location on a racecourse and in the studio.

About Author

Born in Rustington, West Sussex. Trained as a typographer by the University of Reading, England, Jane Glennie practiced for many years as a jobbing freelance designer. Moving closer and closer towards contemporary art she took her Masters degree in Art & Space at Kingston University, London, with Distinction. She creates installations incorporating film and publications. Her film work is frequently within the videopoetry genre, and her work has been shown by PoetryFilm at the Hackney Picturehouse and Reykjavik, Iceland; in Art Language Location in Cambridge, England; and on Visual Container TV as part of the 29th Festival Les Instants Vidéo, La Friche La Belle De Mai, Marseille, France. She is currently working on a videopoem to be projected inside the Stratosphere Chamber, a huge test chamber designed by engineer Barnes Wallis in 1946 to investigate high-speed flight at very high altitudes at Brooklands, Surrey, England – the birthplace of British aviation.

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