Consuelo Garcia Please Stop

by | Mixed Media


Artist’s Statement:  The images I collected and how they are filmed – a white net curtain almost like a veil against the face, a leaf-strewn old tree trunk that looks like a steep mountain range up close – hopefully form their own language of dread, loss and longing consistent with the poem. I wrote the poem two years before my mother passed away. Sad to say that nothing was made up in this narrative

About The Author

Jim Pascual Agustin

Jim Pascual Agustin grew up in the Philippines during the Marcos dictatorship. He moved to Cape Town, South Africa in 1994. He writes in Filipino and English. His poetry has won prizes in South Africa at the New Coin DALRO Awards, the EU Sol Plaatje Poetry Awards, the AVBOB Poetry Competition, and the Poetry in McGregor Competition. Lunch Ticket, a US-based online journal, awarded him the Gabo Prize.

Agustin has published several books in the Philippines, the UK, and South Africa. His most recent books include Crocodiles in Belfast & other poems (San Anselmo Publications, 2020), Bloodred Dragonflies (Deep South, 2022), and Waking Up to the Pattern Left by a Snail Overnight (Gaudy Boy, 2023).