And when the farmer saw the giant flower

with smell like           bad fish and    bad sugar, he could not look away.

The purple skirt

of the bloom begged him to return.


And so he did—with a pail of water—and sang to it

and caressed it and swiped beetles away

from the blossom’s lip.


He even gave it a name and when the farmer

said the name out loud, the flower began to move—

then completely devoured him.




Villagers searched and searched for the farmer.

When they too stumbled upon the large blossom,

they decided to name it


after a beautiful jaguar

that once killed several children.

But this flower does not want

to be named.                Does not want             to be owned.


When the flower heard the name,


it stretched to the closest person

and ate her—


ate the name as well.


–Lucky Fish (2011)

Photo By: Yu