Cosmic Background Radiation

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Poetry

for Liam Rector

In the crackling murk of static it makes

itself heard–not an echo but

the thing: creation’s roar caroming

through the universe, the auditory everafter

of cosmic birth.


Do you know sound

and light can be distinguished

only by a length of wave,

the interpretive tools of an eye, an ear?


The big bang is no theory – it’s as real

as it sounds, the distant past impervious

to argument and reproach,

implacable as starlight.


And the heart? It receives

metaphor like a red antenna

and tries to decipher meaning in poetry,

tea-lights burning in fancy shoes,

a sad guitar.









Photo by Doug Wheller

About The Author

Laura Orem

Laura Orem is a writer, artist, and teacher living in Red Lion, PA. She holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars and is managing editor of Toad Hall Press. She is a featured blogger at The Best American Poetry Blog, and her work has appeared in many venues, both in print and online, including Delirious Hem, DQM, The Barefoot Review, Innisfree, OCHO, Nimrod, and The Writer’s Chronicle. She teaches writing at Goucher College in Baltimore.