The advertising CEO prepared to retire at age 90
but they refused to acknowledge his departure
opting instead to redecorate his office
with right-angled Scandinavian furniture,
replacing his leather, antlers, and whiskey bar.

They enjoyed pondering this question —
What is the greatest invention of all time?
The wheel – for a scrawny man to move a heavy thing?
The nail – a cheap metal stick that holds a house together?
Domesticated animals – best friends who cannot talk and/or food
that does not run away?
Indoor plumbing – the privilege to void and forget?
No, it is advertising —
the ability to charge people for looking at something
while telling them it’s free.
Even as he told them that advertising is not
the greatest invention of all time
and asked if he could have his ashtray back
they laughed at his humility and sent in
the sexy new trainer to shape him up.


Photo By: blueminies