Poem film “Death is IN!” is the result of cooperation between two movie enthusiasts and a poet.  The poem is from Tuija Välipakka’s poetry collection Take Away (Paasilinna Publishing Ltd., 2014). Mikaela Välipakka and Arttu Soilumo wanted to create a poem film that is simultaneously dark and surrealistic, surprising and thought-provoking. The starting point was Mikaela’s vision of an empty movie theatre with a man sitting on the middle of the row. Man’s dreams start to stray around him, first slowly and eventually aggressively, trying to wake him up. The poem itself explores the absurdity and randomness of death.

I make films in a very unique way. I start with a certain feeling and after that, scenes start to form in my head. I write them down and shoot these scenes one by one. I usually don’t make storyboards or any other plans, I go by intuition. On the set I get inspired by my model and model gets inspired by me. This creates something magical that can not be planned.  Music is also really important to me. I love listening to classical music such as Mozart, Verdi and Gorécki. I put on headphones, close my eyes and my imagination starts to immediately fly. This is something I have been doing since I was a little girl, creating surrealistic and beautiful scenes in my head that I later implement them into ink drawings and short films.

Mikaela Välipakka



About The Author

Tuija and Mikaela Välipakka

Tuija Välipakka was born in 3 August 1967 in Hämeenlinna, Finland. She is a writer and a poet. Tuija has written six books, three of them are poetry collections. Her latest poetry collection Take Away (Paasilinna Publishing Ltd. 2014) was rewarded as the best national poetry collection in 2014. Välipakka is also the chairwoman of the oldest provincial writer’s association in Finland.
Mikaela Välipakka was born on 15 December 1993 in Tampere, Finland. At the age of 10 she started making short art films because she was really shy and wanted to explain the mad world around us by filming everyday things such as people walking in the street, a typical snowy day in Finland, how rain drops run down the car windscreen, etc. When Mikaela went to high school to study visual arts in 2010, she started to collaborate with her poet mother Tuija Välipakka by making her poem videos. In 2013 Mikaela’s second poem film TAKE AWAY was screened at the Tampere Film Festival. She was 19 at the time. Her third poem film Death is IN! was also a great success, and has been screened at the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival (Germany, 2014). It is also part of a private art collection in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Nowadays Mikaela has expanded her interests and is making also music videos for well-known Finnish artists.