Cat is Art Spelled Wrong

Cat is Art Spelled Wrong Edited by Caroline Casey, Chris Fischbach, and Sarah Schultz

Reviewed by Matt Hanson


Pelican by Emily O’Neill

Reviewed by Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick


Story by Catherine Moore

Reviewed by Nicole Tong

the BLue Girl

The Blue Girl by Laurie Foos

Reviewed by Matthew O’Dwyer


Juventud by Vanessa Blakeslee

Reviewed by Donna Lee Miele

His Own Man

His Own Man by Edgard Telles Ribeiro, translated by Kim. M. Hastings

Reviewed by Nick Sweeney

All the People

All the People by Stephanie Barber

Reviewed By Barrett Warner

No Moon

No Moon by Julie Reverb

Reviewed by Gabino Inglesias

Mutant Neuron Codex Swarm

Mutant Neuron Codex Swarm by Julia Cook and Robert Cole

Reviewed by Liz Purvis