We’re leaning into this stiff December wind with a fistful of poems to hand you. Atticus Review hopes you’ll warm yourself (we’ll take a brandy, thank you) with an ambitious collection that soars from humor to sex to nostalgia to the peak of human compassion. Please check “Pole Vaulting for Poets,” by Richard Spillman, then let Christina Olson break your heart with her beautiful poem, “Somebody’s Grandmother.”

After a sandwich or a nap or something, get knocked out by the searing and surreal “When I Fell Out the Tree, I was Already a Man,” by Jorge Sanchez and Steward Bartow’s clever, rhythmic “Imaginary.” Then we suggest you bring it on home with Ruth Madievsky’s haunting and luminous, “The Forest.”

You may, of course, futz with the order. Enjoy.



Photo By: rsteup