I fly Delta all the time.  Well, not all the time, but whenever I fly in an airplane.  Or usually when I fly in an airplane.  You don’t see poems about particular airlines very often.  I think if I send Delta this poem, they might give me free tickets, promise never again to lose my luggage, and always land my flights on time.  Maybe even upgrade me to first class and make me a Medallion member.  This poem will make Delta famous among the ten or twelve readers who read it.  Or maybe it will appear in The New Yorker or Best American Poetry and revolutionize air travel.  For instance, have they fully explored time travel?  Or teleportation?  If superheroes really exist, I’m sure Delta could hire one who, with the blink of an eye, could make people swap places.  Instantaneously.  This solution would save gas and reduce payroll.  Although I’m sure everyone would regret the loss of the complimentary bag of peanuts.


Photo By: Rhys A.