She says she loves all bodies

She says no one is ugly, almost
no one

She cuddles; she scowls; she watches TV

She says don’t tell me!

She says I know that already!

She is hungry

She is covered with charcoal

She says what difference does it make?

She says what difference does it make?

She hates her thighs

She says look at my boobs!

She says I look like a man

She draws at night

She sleeps till one

She smells

She says she loves
the way she smells

She says I haven’t washed my hair all week

She dyes her hair

She tatt’s her skin

She says look at this!

She says don’t look at this!

She draws vaginas

She draws big beautiful vaginas

She stares right into the slit

and smiles






Photo by paula walla on flickr