Image of the planet Earth on a flag, set against a black background.

The place is in the middle of nowhere
but has a nice atmosphere.

I liked birdsong in the morning
and the sound of distant thunder.

There is coffee and pizza and beer.
The sex is good when served

hot enough, and there’s love,
but in limited supply, so show up

early before it runs out. Try laughter
if you get a chance. And sunset over

the Aegean. And ice cream.
I could have done without war

and genocide and cancer
and traffic on the 405. The service is

uneven and no manager is
on duty, but the menu’s fixed

so everyone pays the same price—
though I did notice some

paid a higher price than others.
Still, there’s live music

and the view is beautiful.
I’d definitely come back.

Photo by Padraic, used and adapted under CC.