My poetry deals with questions of perception, with organs of perception and their failures, mutations and ecstasies. In my audiovisual work I try to to create a similar experience by pushing perception to its limits: through flickering lights, blurred images, ear-piercing frequencies and hard rhythms. By physically straining the attention of the viewers, I create an environment for the words to live in, act in, change their meaning. As the eye approaches blindness and the ear deafness, words become mute. Silence condenses into a language beyond words.

Oravin is an Austrian poet and audiovisual performer. His performances have brought him to Berlin, Helsinki, Tokyo, Sarajevo and Marseille (among other places) and he has shown his video poems at festivals around Europe.

Working with live visuals and analog synthesizers, his audiovisual performances explore the fields between noise and dance music, between singing and chanting, between words and wordlessness; he follows in the footsteps of both the German New Wave and the Austrian tradition of experimental poetry.

After years in Iceland, Germany and Finland, Oravin now lives in Vienna. A selection of his work can be found at