Elegy for Lidice, Czechoslovakia

by | May 9, 2018 | Poetry

June 1942

I swallow the waning
moon     where it unspools
in my belly like a

white ribbon
lettered with Lidice’s fate.
Every bended knee

every tongue extracted     every
outstretched hand severed

at the wrist.
Plundered cemeteries and burned-
out buildings tilled under.

and children sent into shadow
and all the men opened like flowers.

Elegy for Lidice, Czechoslovakia by Pamela Anderson

Photo of by Kumudini

About The Author


Pam Anderson has an MFA in creative writing from the NE Ohio Master of Fine Arts Program, which also awarded her a Bisbee Fellowship. The Holocaust, particularly Czechoslovakia from 1938-1945, is the focus of much of her writing, with one of her Holocaust poems honored with an AWP Intro Journals Project award. Her work has been published by JennyMag.org, Controlled Burn, Mason’s Road, Whurk, and elsewhere. Currently, she lives with her husband in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.