Episode 3, Frame 1

by | Mixed Media


About The Author

Nathan Holic

Nathan Holic teaches writing courses at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Since 2006, he has worked as the Graphic Narrative Editor at The Florida Review, and is currently compiling an ongoing “Comics About Comics” series. He is also working with Orlando-based Burrow Press to organize a project called “15 Views of Orlando,” a literary portrait of the city featuring short fiction from fifteen Orlando authors young and old, local and far-removed, established and aspiring (the first installment was posted on the Burrow web site in early June, and the final installment will be posted in two weeks). His traditional fiction has been published in The Portland Review, Iron Horse, and The Roanoke Review, but he also publishes stories that drift between forms, including a hybrid short story alternating between text and comic page in The Saranac Review, a narrative told entirely through Wikipedia pages in Rip-Rap, and other short fiction incorporating oil stains, receipts, and advertising logos. His comics have most recently been published in Welter and Red Fez, and are forthcoming from Sweet and Palooka.