Es Sind Nicht Alle Lustig, Die Tanzen (Not All Who Dance Are Happy)


Artist’s Statement: Though there is no spoken text, sound is what drives this experimental short film. Tones captured from daily life, sped up or slowed down, repeated or made to reverberate, combine with tangled and incomplete images of dancing, resulting in a trance-like whole. The title comes from German essayist Christoph Lehmann, who reminds us that not everyone dances out of happiness.


About Author


Caroline Rumley is a film-maker and visual artist working with video, pictures, found footage, spoken word, cinemagraphs, and sound. She is interested in the visual narrative in its many forms, particularly in what Malcolm Gladwell calls a “thin-sliced instance,” that brief flash that tells you all you need to know. Her experimental documentaries and video poems have been screened, exhibited, and published in the US and Europe, most recently at the Atlanta Film Festival and the Houston Center for Photography. Her work is included in Charlotte Cotton’s Best of 2017. She lives and works in Atlanta, and sometimes Vienna.

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