This film version of “I Will Make an Exquisite Corpse” evolved from a video loop that is one facet of a piece of electronic/interactive literature currently under development (also titled “I Will Make an Exquisite Corpse”).  This piece of e-lit will be the third installment in a triptych of pieces I’m creating for (The first two are already up there.)  The poem and this particular video both play off the concept of the surrealist exquisite corpse.  As such, I’m working with the notion of three sections/elements that flow together while remaining singular/disconnected. The poem strives to do this on the page with three sections that stand alone while also flowing together to create a larger whole. Those who want to see the poem in its original form can find it here:

The poem and video mean that title line in two ways (i.e., the speaker of the poem is about to create, before your eyes, the surrealist idea of an exquisite corpse; and, the speaker, treading the self-destructive path of the poem, is telling the reader “I know where I’m headed and I’m gonna look damn good dead.”  The film seeks to do the same through repetition/evolution of its primary elements and its three image specific sections.







Photo by Fritz Liess