Imagine the wildly imaginative leaps of Bob Hicok, the finely crafted lyricism of Charles Wright, and the sardonic wit of Sharon Olds and Anne Sexton. Now, imagine someone exhibiting all these poetic talents—and more—at the same time. If that sounds impossible, it’s my pleasure to prove you wrong with this month’s Featured Poet, Amie Whittemore. Rarely do you find a contemporary poet who can pull off this many magic tricks at one time. Then again, rarely are any of us privileged to read work like this. Enjoy! 


Dear Curiosity

Dear Curiosity by Amie Whittemore


Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation by Amie Whittemore


The Loneliness Monster

The Loneliness Monster by Amie Whittemore



Theorem by Amie Whittemore


Dream Sequence

Dream Sequence by Amie Whittemore



Amie Whittemore FeatureAmie Whittemore is the author of the poetry collection Glass Harvest (Autumn House Press) and co-founder of the Charlottesville Reading Series in Virginia. Her poems have appeared in The Gettysburg Review, Sycamore Review, Smartish Pace, Cimarron Review, and elsewhere. She teaches English at Middle Tennessee State University.




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