Featured Poet: George Drew


For this month’s Poetry Feature, we bring you four poems by George Drew, a poet who, like his colorful background (born in Mississippi, raised both there and in New York State) resounds with an enviable range, energy, and lyrically narrative intensity.


It Wasn’t a Waltz and it Wasn’t a Tango




Glen Allen’s Legacy



Flipping Off the Muse


About Author

Michael Meyerhofer’s fifth book, Ragged Eden, was published by Glass Lyre Press. He has been the startled recipient of fourteen national writing awards including the James Wright Poetry Award, the Liam Rector First Book Award, the Brick Road Poetry Book Prize, and several chapbook prizes. His work has appeared in Hayden’s Ferry, Rattle, Brevity, Ploughshares, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, and other journals. He is also the author of a fantasy series. For more information and an embarrassing childhood photo, check out his website.

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