Featured Poet: Mary Biddinger

Mary Biddinger is the author of four collections (most recently, O Holy Insurgency), editor of both the Akron Series in Poetry and the Akron Series in Contemporary Poetics, and has published work… well, pretty much everywhere. If you’ve read the poems of Bob Hicok, Dean Young, or Paul Guest, you’ve probably thought to yourself: wow, nobody writes like this! Same goes for Mary. Her poems change directions like some kind of crazed Dr. Seuss freeway—beautiful, terrifying—but somehow, we reach our destination intact. Biddinger demonstrates that at the heart of chaos lies a playful, orderly benevolence. In fact, even though her poems often take us to places we weren’t anticipating, proof of their power and charm lies in the fact that once one ends, all we want to do is run to get in line for the next.

Be sure to check out Michael Meyerhofer’s interview with Mary!



Novena or Never

POETRY Novena or Never Mary Biddinger


Charm School

POETRY Charm School Mary Biddinger


Business Poem

POETRY Business Poem Mary Biddinger


Shop Local

POETRY Shop Local Mary Biddinger


Pin Money


POETRY Pin Money Mary Biddinger



POETRY Freeway Mary Biddinger


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