Featured Poet: Rachel Heimowitz


rachel-heimowitz2Whether they’re online or printed on dead trees, I read a lot of poetry journals. Like, so many that when I moved from Indiana to California a couple years ago, about half the trailer was filled with gigantic plastic tubs filled with subscriptions and contributor copies, in addition to all the regular books I’ve bought or been given over the years (and that’s not even counting the seven boxes I left in storage because we simply ran out of room).

So when I came across great poems by Rachel Heimowitz on a few different occasions, I made a mental note to look up more of her stuff. I’m glad I did—not just for the joy I got from reading her poems, but because it prepped me for not overreacting when some poems of hers arrived in my inbox. Trust me, I’ve been known to leap for joy when I get good news via email, and nobody wants to be in a coffee shop with a guy who spontaneously stands up and cheers.

From the breathless tension of Seized, to the eroticism and dark humor of Broken Shell and A Dark Chasm, Not a Bright Abyss, to the naked tenderness throughout The Dream is About Us, and last but not least, the flinty commentary and stark pacing within Baggage, Rachel is a poet of great range and talent, and one we’re very glad to add to our roster.

-Michael Meyerhofer, Poetry Editor, Atticus Review



 Broken Shell by Rachel Heimowitz

Broken Shell


The Dream is About Us by Rachel Heimowitz

The Dream is About Us


Baggage by Rachel Heimowitz



A Dark Chasm, Not a Bright Abyss by Rachel Heimowitz

A Dark Chasm, Not a Bright Abyss





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