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If you’re here, count yourself lucky because this month, we’re bringing you five poems from writer/editor/teacher/musician, Tom Hunley. Tom’s fourth full-length collection, Plunk, is due out from Wayne State College Press in September 2014. He’s the co-editor, with Alexandria Peary, of Creative Writing Studies: An Introduction to Its Pedagogies (forthcoming in Fall 2014 from Southern Illinois University Press). Garrison Keillor has also read three of his poems on The Writer’s Almanac. And if that weren’t enough, he’s also the bassist for the litcore rock band, Manley Pointer. Oh, and in the following interview, completely by chance, he references the 80s song that is known to make me dance with great, terrible earnest, regardless of my sobriety level.

Check out our interview with Tom!



Eight Bits Usually Equals One Byte

POETRY Eight Bits Usually Equals One Byte Tom Hunley


Speechless like Michael Caine

POETRY Speechless like Michael Cain Tom Hunley


Speaking of Falls,

POETRY Speaking of Falls, Tom Hunley


Milhouse Van Houten

POETRY Milhouse Van Houten Tom Hunley


Goodnight Milhouse

POETRY Goodnight Milhouse Tom Hunley

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