How to play: Fill in any row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) if you’ve experienced any of the statements below (or similar). When you’ve completed a row, release your frustration by shouting “BINGO!“

Female Writer Bingo
An editor suggests fewer emotional scenes / more explosions & descriptions of breastsYour female protagonist is described as “plucky”A Fabio look-alike is slapped on your book coverAn agent tells you that he doesn’t represent “Women’s Lit” when you submit your WWII spy novel
Audience member mansplains your book to you & later drunkenly admits he hasn’t read itYour first print interview begins with a detailed description of your outfit/ makeup/                   hip widthBonus points: Random literary conference ass grabConsider using an ambiguous pen name / legally changing your name to “Frank”
A male author’s literary novel focusing on domestic drama is labeled genius while yours is called a “beach read”A famous, pasty male author criticizes your looksA co-panelist/co-reader refers to you as “Sweetheart” or “Honey” or      “Word-Ho”You’re asked what your real or hypothetical children will think of your memoir
A workshop leader interrupts your comments to “shed some light” on the “real issue”Someone at a dinner party asks what you really do for a living@asshat69 threatens you for speaking out/ writing an unapologetic female character / having lady partsA reviewer categorizes your Cold War-era political thriller as “Chick Lit”


Photo by June Yarham