How to play: Fill in any row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) if you’ve experienced any of the statements below (or similar). When you’ve completed a row, release your frustration by shouting “BINGO!“

Female Writer Bingo
An editor suggests fewer emotional scenes / more explosions & descriptions of breasts Your female protagonist is described as “plucky” A Fabio look-alike is slapped on your book cover An agent tells you that he doesn’t represent “Women’s Lit” when you submit your WWII spy novel
Audience member mansplains your book to you & later drunkenly admits he hasn’t read it Your first print interview begins with a detailed description of your outfit/ makeup/                   hip width Bonus points: Random literary conference ass grab Consider using an ambiguous pen name / legally changing your name to “Frank”
A male author’s literary novel focusing on domestic drama is labeled genius while yours is called a “beach read” A famous, pasty male author criticizes your looks A co-panelist/co-reader refers to you as “Sweetheart” or “Honey” or      “Word-Ho” You’re asked what your real or hypothetical children will think of your memoir
A workshop leader interrupts your comments to “shed some light” on the “real issue” Someone at a dinner party asks what you really do for a living @asshat69 threatens you for speaking out/ writing an unapologetic female character / having lady parts A reviewer categorizes your Cold War-era political thriller as “Chick Lit”


Photo by June Yarham