“this time, this place…beyond open circulation closed reciprocity…closed hydration spheres wrought cast smithed…this is what we are what we eat …”  Iron is the most common metal on earth. Indeed, it forms much of the molten core of the planet which in turn generates the earth’s magnetic poles. The red soils of the world are due to iron. At a biochemical level, iron is essential for human life, amongst other things, making our blood red. In the societal domain, iron is essential for manufacturing, electricity generation, and much more. Certain bacteria can derive energy for life directly from dissolved iron compounds (“rust”) rather than from oxygen as we do. Perhaps, at some time in the future, we, our descendants, the Ferrovores, may need to do the same…
The footage for the video was shot in the Flinders Ranges in semi-arid South Australia.


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Ian Gibbins is a widely published poet, video artist, and electronic musician, with three collections of poetry, all in collaboration with artists. His video and audio work has featured in gallery exhibitions, public art commissions, performances, and international festivals. He previously was a neuroscientist and professor of anatomy. He is at www.iangibbins.com.au.

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