SUBLUNARY uses stock footage to tell a tale of star-crossed lovers in a Cold War spy thriller.  Anyone who has ever felt trapped by the hum-drum nature of work and family responsibilities should be able to relate to this story of doomed escape.  I like to appropriate discourses to shed some metaleptical light on the nature of the discourse under scrutiny.  The form of radio messages led to a twist on the typical love duet; scrambled radio transmissions interfere constructively to create a symbolic moment of transcendental beauty.  There is also a joke in that this moment of constructive interference very quickly leads to a destructive denouement.



Chris Stewart was longlisted for the CYCLOP International Videopoetry Contest 2015. He won the 2015 Read Our Lips filmpoem competition. His solo shows have received positive reviews at the Edinburgh Free Fringe. He’s an alumnus of Apples and Snakes’ Public Address and toured the UK as one of five rising poets in 2013. His poems appear in Alliterati, Freak Circus, Outdoor Photography and Bop Dead City amongst others. He is booked to perform at the Cheltenham Literary Festival 2017.  He’s anthologised in Break-Out (Ek Zuban, 2013). Tweet him @SideBurnedPoet.  Read his blog at  You can find his filmpoems here: