[ad] hesive

laminate his followers, caps off! 13 dentists abjure the lower gums, guns away! away with away, or he’ll stitch postage onto heavy-metal aprons. add and subtract co, then deduct tract, but act fast. submissive, substantial, subterranean, get away! now that steel-toed boots stamp pinafores, who’s left to lick his squashed buffer? adieu

[ad] jacent

germanic yes, as well as our dundant keepsake. the slang glide into overs and tones. adjoin lie to ent. then sneeze, but with a hand key. aha koi. rich and richer, piles topple piles. jewels bejewel me. the exact opposite furthers the winning side. run and runnor. write and writor. blab into neverland – when is here?


[ad] jective

not trippily nor bluely nor hungly nor norly. ventive and ventricle. syntax swerves via mordant dyes. old-fashioned hat-tipping and ruby-crested walking sticks and bowing from the knees. throw bones, pitch umlauts, heave coverlets. refine the defining


[ad] monish

scalding lip-service invites a dipping sibilance. thus. why dress as a lady when umbrellas will do? the silver slate slides sideways. can’t you just; don’t; be-have! toward ad-vises forward-facing hints: orange underbelly, fast surfing, warmer bets. lecture against milder squalors. don’t beware what’s ahead

[ad] ulation

tail-wheedling. plus horsehair. your fondness for vintage DVDs out-wags my lipstick talisman. organic but not always animate. clockwork in the uvula. Canada’s poet laureate walks his ferret. smooth retaliation for a buck. don’t always Ontario early; unclearly diminish prairie yolks. wave from afar. wave and wave and wave




Photo By:  jinterwas