Aries: Right now your surface might look quiet, like a snowy field, like a frozen lake; right now, it might look to the world like nothing is happening. Try not to worry if nobody else can see the movement happening inside you. You don’t need to be sad if no one else sees all the wild and quiet ways you’re growing. There is life that only you can feel, and there is magic that only you can see. Focus your energy on the internal. Focus on your weirdest dreams. Focus on living and changing and waiting for spring.

Taurus: When the world is cold, when the days are short, when it’s hard to leave the house, sadness can get so comfortable. Sadness can feel soft and sweet and right. Sadness can swallow you whole, if you let it. These are days for standing up, for stretching your legs, for using your voice. You can be weird and wild and prickly, you can be kind, you can be happy. You can do so many things. Don’t let the winter make you forget this. Don’t let it make you smaller than you are.

Gemini: Sometimes cold days can feel small and sometimes they can make you shrink into yourself, but sometimes they can sparkle, sometimes they can shine, sometimes they can cast light all across your life. In the remaining days of winter, let the coldness sharpen your senses. Let it sharpen the colors around you and the sounds in the air. These days can show you truths that hide in the summer. These days can show you bright glittering truths about your own life. These days can make you strong and strange.

Cancer: In the weeks ahead, the world might be so weird, all cold and brittle under your feet, all dark and sparkling above your head. Warm days are coming, but they aren’t here yet. Simple days are coming, but right now you still have work to do. These days are for absorbing light into your body, for gathering energy, for holding on to it. Even the weak winter sunlight has something to give you. Even the light from faraway stars can make you strong, make you bright, make you brave.

Leo: These are days for looking forward. These are days for anticipating the joy that will come when winter ends. Think of the plants, waiting to burst into green. Think of the rivers, ready to thaw. Think of your own quiet heart, your own frozen limbs, your own dreams, ready to move, ready to unfold. The world moves slowly in winter, but this winter can’t last forever. Nothing can touch you when you’re looking forward; nothing can touch you if you keep working for a sweet warm future.

Virgo: Soon enough, winter will end. Soon enough, your blood will run warm again, the air will smell sweet, the days will feel gentle and good. For now, though, these cold days are not the worst days. These quiet winter days can help you, they can protect you, they can surround you with stillness and peace. Your heart doesn’t have to beat so fast, right now. Your thoughts don’t have to buzz so loud in your head. Try to stay warm. Try to let your world be slow and quiet, until it’s ready to come back to life.

Libra: This winter has been a test of endurance, maybe, a test of your strength. This winter has asked you to live through so much darkness and so much cold, asked you to know yourself in strange ways, hard ways, dark ways. This winter has been a journey and it isn’t over yet, but the days are getting longer. The sun will start to feel warm again. Watch the light in the sweet clear mornings. Watch the afternoon light hit the tops of the trees. You’ve already made it through the roughest days.

Scorpio: In the days ahead, the light in your world might feel very clear and very cold. It might feel strange and it might feel hard, to have a warm human body in a world so full of ice, but try to watch the way that light moves in these cold days. There are things you can see in this strange cold light, things that have been hiding, things that aren’t visible on warmer days. Watch your reflection and think of your own weirdness. Think of all the quiet joys you hold, hidden, inside yourself.

Sagittarius: When the streets are covered with ice, you don’t have to move like it’s springtime. When the wind blows so cold against your face, you don’t have to live like it’s summer. It’s ok to live a little slower. It’s ok to take small steps right now, to test the ground you walk on, to keep your head down. There are different ways to be in the world; there are patterns that rule the earth and the sky and patterns that rule your dreams. Listen to your body. Listen to the winter.

Capricorn: In all the spring days and summer days and golden autumn days, you’ve stored so much light in your body. You’ve stored so much goodness in your bones. You’ve stored so much extra warmth inside of you, more than you realize, more than you know. Your past self was looking out for you in ways you might not even understand. In the days ahead, you can draw on this secret strength when you need it. Warmer days are coming, and all you have to do is keep living.

Aquarius: In the weeks ahead, try not to forget that the days are still short and the nights are still long. The ground is still cold and the light is still weak. Try not to underestimate the world’s weird power, and try not to underestimate your own bright strength. Don’t let all your powers go to waste. Don’t let yourself freeze. These are days for keeping your body moving, days for keeping your blood pumping, days for trusting your own body and your own courage to keep you warm.

Pisces: These are days for living indoors, and that’s not a bad thing. These are days for drinking tea and gazing out the window. These are days for living your life in dreams. When the boundaries of your life start to shrink, like this, just a little—this is when you can be met with the truth of your own self. When the size of your life feels most small—this is when you can know most deeply who you are. Winter can require so much bravery. This is not a bad thing.

Photo By: vavva_92