First, remove the abusive husband
and toss the bulky furniture
out with him. When you can see
the walls again, paint them mauve,
sky blue, soft rose–the colors of peace.
Sell your jewelry, but keep your wedding
ring–the sledge hammer is still
in the garage. Give away your books,
cull the CD collection, remove
the pens and paperweights, donate
the dishes, pick up the rugs,
toss the wedding photos.
Hang the art you stored for years,
and breathe. Luxuriate in the space,
breathe again. Your relief will be profound,
but even with all that space, you will
trip and stumble over the pain
in every room. There is probably someone
who wants the pain, but this is an issue
that transcends donation pickups,
eBay, and even the landfill. The pain
belongs to you, and your only hope
is that there is now enough space
for the two of you to live together.

Chair Feature

Photo used under CC.