A bumper can be replaced with a railroad tie, a barrel

welded to the front end, or simply dropped. A tailgate


more often gets in the way, best to take it off and stick

some plywood in its place if needed. A rusted bed can


be rebuilt with wood or steel or replaced with a slightly

less rusted bed. Doors can be mixed and matched or done


without. Windows are optional and may be replaced

with black garbage bags. The actual pedals for the brake


and gas are optional; likewise, rearview mirrors and rear

windows, mufflers, glove compartments. Dashboards.


Roofing nails and duct tape will fix most cosmetic issues

on the interior or under the hood. If required, feel free


to replace the engine with any that comes to hand. This

may require cutting the body to fit and removing the hood.


A wagon should never be bought, rather cut from a truck

that’s beyond repair if one can imagine such a thing.


Photo By: Pictoscribe – Vagabonding