I Heart You

since who am I to say the word
that should burn my tongue, singe
the air as it leaves
my lips?

I muscle and blood you,
I pound you and glisten
and throb you,
pump blood

all the way to your coasts. O
let’s heart one another
so fierce and so true
all our consonants melt into vowels.

Listen to this poem:

I Heart You, a poem by Catherine Abbey Hodges

Photo used under CC.


About Author


Catherine Abbey Hodges’s most recent collection of poems is Raft of Days. Dan Gerber selected her first full-length collection, Instead of Sadness, as winner of the 2015 Barry Spacks Poetry Prize from Gunpowder Press. Her poems have appeared widely and been featured on The Writer’s Almanac and Verse Daily. Co-coordinator of California Poets in the Schools for Tulare County, Catherine collaborates with her husband, cellist Rob Hodges, and was named 2017 faculty of the year at Porterville College, where her students keep her awake and amazed.

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