It Wasn’t a Waltz and it Wasn’t a Tango


When he came in and I leapt out from

behind the door, my joyous Boo!

tumbling around the room,

he spun so quickly, crouched

so smoothly, and punched the air so

powerfully Boo never had a chance,

its double O stopped so suddenly two

became one. Spin, crouch, punch—

for five seconds, six, muscle flowing

into muscle. Spin, crouch, punch—

like water around and under rocks.

Then muscles easing, body flexing

back to normal. Goddamn it, boy!

It wasn’t a waltz and it wasn’t a tango,

but oh my god, how my father danced.



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About Author

George Drew is the author of The View from Jackass Hill, 2010 winner of the X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize, Texas Review Press, which also published Down & Dirty (2015), and his New & Selected, Pastoral Habits, in 2016. His eighth collection, Fancy’s Orphan, is due out in 2017, from Tiger Bark Press. He is the winner of the 2014 St. Petersburg Review poetry contest, the 2016 The New Guard’s Knightville Poetry Contest, and is First Runner Up for the 2017 Chautauqua Literary Journal’s Editors Choice Award, his poem forthcoming in this year’s issue.

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