Items Piled Waist High

by | Mixed Media

Artist’s Statement: Items Piled Waist High deals with the aftermath of a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, or MTBI, following a car/truck crash. My recovery stretched out over many years. Items Piled Waist High arose out of a desire to express the weariness of undergoing a long recovery from that largely invisible, little understood, and nearly indescribable injury.


About The Author


Marcia Pelletiere is a poet, musician, and interdisciplinary artist. Her second poetry collection, A Crown of Hornets, is forthcoming from Four Way Books (Spring 2019). Her poems and videos have appeared in festivals, journals and magazines including Ploughshares; JAMA; Prairie Schooner; Light Up Poole Digital Art Festival; Bath Film Festival, Southern Poetry Review; South Florida Poetry Journal; and Painted Bride Quarterly. You can find out more about Marcia at